Saturday, April 19, 2008

Student Voices Podcast Episode 1: Jessie

I was talking to Jessie earlier this week while helping her review over the lunch hour. I found her comments so compelling I asked her (and later her parents) if I could record and publish her comments so other students could hear what she had to say. I've long thought students need to hear from other students how they best learn to help them all learn.

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of podcasts called Student Voices. I'm hoping to have one of these short conversations with a student published each week. If you'd like to volunteer to be featured in one of these just let me know.

In this episode Jessie shares how she uses her class blog to learn and describes her personal "tipping point" from being confused to understanding Statistics very well. She also discusses the value of learning conversations and how sometimes being a "teacher" and sometimes a student helps her learn.

Please feel free to leave Jessie your comments here on this post.

(Download File 5.6Mb, 11 min. 40 sec.)

Photo Credit: Kids of conversation by flickr user Kris Hoet

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks so much for sharing how you use your class blog and how you best learn! You were so articulate and took such joy in your learning; it was a treat to hear your thoughts!

When you referred to how important working in groups was to your understanding, how knowing that others face some of the same confusions as you, and how reading a student explanation in a scribe post was helpful, you really reinforced my belief that students learn so much from each other. I loved your explanation of how important it was both to be taught and to teach in your groups.

I live in Ohio where students in most public schools have no chances to learn using blogs or podcasts. Your podcast is a tremendous resource to use in trying to change that. I’m wondering if there is anything else you might say if you were to talk to administrators here to persuade them how important these opportunities are for students?

My very best wishes,