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Feb. 08, 2008 (Friday) Connecting Matrices

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Feb. 08, 2008 (Friday)

Mr. K gave us a work sheet about Connectivity Matrices. With this worksheet, we used all the things that we already knew about Matricies, and thus excercising and expanding our knowledge towards it. I will show you how to tackle Connecting Matrices by using some of the questions from the worksheet.

The first problem that we were supose to solve was the flightpaths of Atlanta, Boston and Charlotte.

The 3 points are all linked together except for Atlanta and Charlotte. They have no direct flights to eachother. If one wants to go from Atlanta to Charlotte, they will have to go through Boston.
With this, we were assigned to create a matrix that represents the routes between the cities.
The Bunny Hop concept

Before we go any further, we need to understand the "hops". One hop route means that it is a 1 stop flight from 1 city to another. Like for instance a direct flight from Atlanta to Boston or Charlotte to Boston. A two hop

route means that there will be 2 stops in the flight. For example, From Atlanta to Charlotte, you will have to stop in Boston before getting to Charlotte. Or from Charlotte, if you want to go to Atlanta, you will have to stop to Boston before getting there.

One Hop Route!

This matrix represents a one hop. Look at the first row first column. The number 1 inticate that there is one route between the city in the row and column for that cell. The 0 indicates that there is no route between the two cities.

Two Hop Route!

An easy way to figure out the two hop matrix if you have the one hop matrix. You basically just multiply the one hop matrix with the one hop matrix and you will aquire the two hop matrix.

Three Hop Route!


You can also get the three hop matrix by mutliplying three one hop matricies.
I hope that this is helpful to you guys. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or any kind of confusion. Contact me via comments and I will correct some errors that you might see on my post. If you still need help about this topic feel free to ask me and I will try my best to help you out.
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