Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scribe Post - Pascal's Triangle

Hello Boys & Girls,
Well the first math class (this morning) we had a pep rally. The beginning of afternoons class we went over last nights homework. Then we went over Pascals Triangle.

We started off with something alittle simple. We went over a number triangle.

- To get this trianle of numbers, you see that all the numbers on the right and left side are all the number 1.
- To get the middle numbers you add the numbers above it. So for the 3rd row you add 1+1=2.
- The 4th row to get the 3's you add 1+2=3.
- The 5th you add 1+3=4 , 3+3=6, 3+1=4
and so on.

We also went over many different ways to find patterns in Pascals Triangle.

The Pink line is just showing the its the numbers 1-10.
The BLUE Lines represent the "hockey stick".
-When you add 1,3,6, &10 together you get 20.
-When you add 1,6, & 21 together you get 28.

The GREY line is how many "dots" would make a triangle. Example:
< -----

Also, if you put
11^0 = 1
11^1 = 11
11^2 = 121
11^3 = 1,331
11^4 = 14,641

Another way of using Pascal's Triangle is in a word problem. Like this :

Home = top left corner
School = bottom right corner
and the other is post office.

In that problem it asks how many ways to get to the pst office from home. By using pascal's triangle, we figured that there are 3 ways to get from home to the post office.

ALRIGHTY, well i think thats all, hopefully it helps. (:
Next to scribe is ....... Vanessa

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