Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Hi Everyone! Sorry for it being late! The first part of class in the morning we went over our homework from last night. After that we had a warm up to our next topic in Probability “The Fundamental Principal of Counting.”

Warm Up….
Question # 1
Find the probability of flipping three pennies and getting at lest 1 heads.

The first penny would be either heads or tails; the second would be also heads or tails etc. The chance of getting either one on any of the pennies on the three times would be ½., because there are 2 sides to a penny.

*Remember to watch how the question is worded.
Ex. 1. Heads AND Heads AND Heads mean multiplied.
2. Heads OR Heads mean add*

Question # 2

How Many Ways

A.) The café special for lunch offers a choice between two main courses (hamburger or chicken burger) and three different drinks. The “meal deal” allow you to pick one each. How many different “meal deal” are there?
*2 meals times the # of meal deals = 6 diff. ways.

B.) What if they decide to throw in a choice of fries, spicy fries or plain chips. How many “meal deals” are there now?
*Now you add the fries, spicy fries & plain chips on.

*Now you just add the 3 more diff meals to the first two. Witch now = to 18 diff. ways.

Now this is what the warm ups got us warmed up for…….

“The Fundamental Principal of Counting”

If there are M ways to do a first thing & N ways to do second thing then there are M * N ways to do both things.

Ex. Any one of 4 ties can be matched with any one of 3 shirts, how many shirts & ties combinations are possible?
* 4 ties times 3 shirts = 12 diff. ways to find combinations.

What if there are also 2 different pairs of pants that can be matched with all the shirts and ties, how many different “outfits are there now?

Now you try……

1.) How many 4 digit #’s are there if the same digit CANNOT be used twice?

* The First # can’t start with 0.

2.) How many 4 digit #’s are there if the same CAN be repeated?

* The same rule applies here can’t start with 0.

3.) How many 4 digit EVEN # CANNOT be used twice?

Well I think that is about it….I hope you guys/ gal’s understand what I wrote. The next scribe is…….Mercee

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