Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hi everybody. Today in class we learned a bit of vocabulary for the new unit Matricies.

These were the words for the matricies:

Matrix: numbers arranged in a rectangle contained in square brackets.

Row Matrix: [1 2 3] (numbers arranged in a row contained in square brackets.)

Column Matrix: Numbers arranged in a column contained in square brackets.

Square Matrix: [1 2 ] Numbers arranged in a matrix with equal dimensions.
[4 5 ]

Triangle Matrix: [1 2] The diagonal has two 1's but with one 0 on the other side of the diagonal
[0 1] with another number on the other side forming a triangle.

Identity Matrix: [1 0] An Identity Matrix occurs when the diagonal has two 1's and two 0's on
[0 1] the other side of the diagonal.

Address: An address is 2 points which shows the location in the matrix that shows us where the element is.

Element: An element is the exact location where the address shows.

We also learned how to add and subtract matricies.

example: when given two 2x2 matricies, you can add them but you have to also make sure that when adding, you add the same address from the other matrix to give you the Resultant matrix.

A matrix is always named with a capital letter.

Well thats about it i think so good luck remebering the vocabulary.

ha ha where you see the matricies up at the top the reason why they look like that is because I dont know how to format it properly yet sorry.

The next scribe is adamson.am40sw08

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Lani said...

Hi Chris29,

Congratulations on a the first scribe post of the semester. Very nicely done! No need to apologize for formatting-- Have you already learned how to format in the way you wanted? If not, how did you want the word matricies to appear?