Monday, March 10, 2008


Dear BOB,

First of all, the Pre-test today in class seemed pretty easy but I know it's gonna be different tomorrow during the real Test. I'm expecting a harder long answer questions and 4 pages of test papers.

So, now here's my BoB. Well, today we went over some Probability questions from people and the one thing that really helped me alot is the difference between nPr and nCr. I think nPr means, an arrangement of the elements of a set in some order and nCr means a combination is an un-ordered collection of unique elements. So, that's the only thing I'm having trouble with. I'll try to do more exercises to really understand the concept of nCr and nPr. The one thing I truly understand is the Pascal's triangle. It gives me an idea of what to do next by using a pattern.
Well, I guess that's my BOB for this unit which is about Probability. I expect(fingers crossed) to get at least 80% on the test and the probability of me passing is 80/100 which is 8/10 when simplified. And the probability of Applied Mathers doing their BOB is 20/25 which is 4/5 when simplified. That's all and Good Luck Y'all. Ya dig?

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