Monday, March 10, 2008


Hi guys, how was the pre-test this morning? I think it's kind of tricky , especially question 5 ,you can see the answer for that question on today's slide ( March 10 slide 6) . The key for that question is the "Choose" formula , which makes me so confused xD.I hope you guys learned how to use the "Choose" formula to solve those kinds of questions. In the "Choose" formula , order doesn't matter.
That's why we have 10C4 : number of ways to choose 4 from 10 people, and 2C2 : number of ways to choose Deanne and Peter , 8C2 : number of ways to choose 2 another people for the group from 8 people left. We'll get (2C2*8C2)/10C4 as the result of question a , like Mr.K did.
Hope you guys will do better in the test tomorrow.Good luck

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