Monday, March 17, 2008

Scribe Post

Hi guys , sorry I'm late. Now I'm going to review something that we studied in the last 2 classes.
We studied about Statistics , there are some definitions we should remember :
_ Statistics : The branch of mathematics that deal with collecting, organizing, displaying, and analyzing data.
_ Datum : one bit (piece) of information.
_ Data : many bits (pieces) of information.
_ Mean : The symbol for mean is "X bar". The arithmetic average of a set of values.

_ Median (med) :
1) The middle value in an ordered (from smallest to largest) set of data.
2) If there are an event number of data, the median is the average of the middle pair in an order of data.
_ Mode : the datum that occurs most frequently in a set of data.
_ Standard Deviation:

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