Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BOB FM(Financing w/Math)

Dear Bob FM,

Tomorrow is the test and I hope and getting a higher mark than my last tests so I can bump up my mark a bit.This past 2 weeks we studied about financing a CAR, COMPUTERS, MORTGAGES, and making a NET WORTH STATEMENT. Will we all face all those things in the future for our needs that's why we need to do the math and be smart about whether we should LEASE or BUY a car or computer; or; RENT or BUY a house. The one thing I love about this unit is, we actually apply this to our daily lives and it happens most of the time when we need to purchase something. Budgeting is one thing we need to consider when it comes to financing something we need in order to save alot of money. Also, one thing I unLOVED about this unit was calculating things about MORTGAGES such as your property after 1,2 or 5 years and all that. But, as I study I will most likely learn how to tackle those problems with no sweat. I guess that's all for my BOB FM. Hope we all get high marks in the test and have a nice day. This is BOB FM ,Ace Burpee saying GOOD LUCK with BOB FM.

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