Friday, May 2, 2008

Personal Finance Blog Assignment 1b

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SeZy said...

Nguyen invested $5000 at 8% compounded monthly in 2 years. Determine monthly withdrawal.

David-san said...

Shiki received $5000 a month and she invested the $5000 every month. the bank gave her an 8% interest rate which was compounded monthly for 2 years but, in each month she withdrew a certain amount of money to pay her expenses. How much money did she withdraw each month?

CowMilk said...

Sezy borrowed 5000$ from the bank, with the interest rate is 8%, compounded monthly. Sezy is going to pay it in 2 years. find the amount that the bank will charge Sezy in one month.

Valley said...

Jessie invested $5000 into a savings account with an interest rate of 8% compounded monthly. She withdraws $226.14 a month to pay back her friend Michelle for the money she leant her. Jessie figured out it will take her two years to pay back the money considering her budget. How much money will Jessie have left in her savings account after the two years.

mercee said...

George wanted to buy a $5000 gaming system, the Playstation-XBox-Nintendo. He didnt have the money so he borrowed it from loan sharks. At first he thought it was a great idea, since they would charge him monthly at an interest rate of 8%. They give him 2 years to pay off the loan, which seemed like enough time to pay it off. But if he doesnt, there will be consequences.

How much does George have to pay each month in order to pay off the loan/save his life?