Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Periodic Functions

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So what is "Periodic" (Period) really??
--Anything that repeats after a certain/fixed length of time.

-High tide vs. Low tide
-Heart beat
-Rotation of earth on sun or the Moon on earth

The inner layer are in degreese while the outer fractions with the Pi are radians.
These sets are the most basic angles.

The ratio!

Dealing with negative numbers are a bit different, but not at all difficult. The negative numbers move clockwise while the positive numbers go counter-clockwise (Degrees). But as show on the diagram below, there are 2 ways of getting into the end point. Be careful on what the question is asking or you might end up using a wrong positive/negative number.
Over all, the class today was pretty blunt and covered alot of the stuff. So far its piece-easy, all you really need is to know the ratio, after that, you have a number of options on how to get your answer.
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