Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't really have such fancy tools to do this post, but i'll try to explain what we learn.

Adding Vectors Using Scale Diagrams..
-A vector is represented by an arrow. Its LENGTH determines its magnitude and the tip determines direction.

The Triangle Method : Tip to tail.

The red: Is the resultant of the two vectors
The Black: are the vectors in which the arrow, connects to the
end of the second arrow(vector). Which is why it is called tip to tail.

Basically we measure using a ruler.
then measure the 2 end points to find the resultant of the two vectors.

The Parallelogram Method: Tip to Tail
The red: Is one vector and the other red one without the arrow is the mirror image on the other side.
The blue: is the other vector, with the same mirror image.
The green: is the resultant of the two vectors.
Now see how the two vectors tails connect, thats why its tip to tail.
the arrows show the directions each vector got copied from.
I don't see the big difference, the resultant is still the same as a the triangle method.
So all we use is a ruler to find the lengths, but if you wanna find the angles, you got to use a protractor.

This is basically what we learned because we had the afternoon off. The next scribe is C.J

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