Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Statistics definitely one of the hardest units that we did so far.. Not too confident at all with it but, trying my best to do it even though I know I'm going to do bad. Doesn't hurt to keep studying right? Haven't had much time to do homework at all but, I actually have been trying during the prep time I have to keep up. I actually think I understand "Confidence Intervals" but, not too much on the others. The problem is just knowing when to use normalpdf, normalcdf, binompdf, or binomcdf is the thing. I'm doing my best to understand these functions though and it seems as though if I wanted to use normalcdf it'd calculate a continuous data and binomcdf which would calculate discrete data meaning no decimals. What "normalcdf" means is "Normal Cumulative Distribution Function" and "binomcdf" means "Binomial Cumulative Distribution Function." An example of one is the lightbulb question in the pre-test. Well I hope this is a good enough B.O.B. and wish everyone Good Luck on the test tommorow and study hard!

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