Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey everyone its Michelle and this is my BOB. When I found out that we were doing statistics I almost freaked out because I know that this unit would be tricky. At the beginning of the unit I was having problems on determining on when to use binomcdf and normalcdf. I thought that I would never understand it. But after going over it many many times it finally makes sense to me. =) I know that when using binomcdf your using it because the data involved is discrete meaning not having a decimal place. For example you couldn't have half a person. And with normalcdf the data involved is continuous which has decimal places. An example would be your weight or your height and both functions you use are commulitive which is when you add up the numbers as you go along. The one thing that still hasn't made complete sense to me is when to use invNorm. So I will definitely have to look into that tonight so that I can do better on the test tomorrow. Good luck everyone, and hopefully we will all do good on tomorrows test!

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