Wednesday, April 16, 2008


...Bob.... for.... Statistics....

This actually was a harder unit than i thought; at first i really didn't know the difference or how to use either normalcdf, or binomcdf. Later on, i learned that using binomcdf, means that the data is discrete (not involving decimals). Ie: you can't have half a person or half a light bulb. On the other hand, normalcfd deals with continous data (including decimals) aergo; questions like eating 1/5 of a sandwich can be done with normalcdf. Although i have some vague ideas on using these functions, i'll still have to review my notes. I also have to get reacquainted with using, InvNorm and ShadeNorm, since i forgot how to use them.... -_-"

In conclusion, study, study, study; i still want that 90%+ mark in this class. Goodluck to everyone.

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