Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oki ...CowMIlk continue to be the scribe T_T . How about your pre-test ...that was not easy :P and I hope the real test will easy . Friday, we worked on the pre test and corrected the "challenge question", and we had a small problem... Let's check the answer of "challenge question".

This is wrong because the question is : "the ship NEED to travelin direction of 40 degree" , not "the ship to travel in direction of 40 degree ". So the resultant vector must be bearing 40 degree and the ship must travel with the vector which add the vector of current = the resultant vector ( we thought the ship travel in direction of 40 degree and is pushed by the current <== that 's wrong, the ship must keep its direction of 40 degree).

So the right answer must be :

Next scribe will be Carmel

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