Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dear BOB

Dear BOB,

So there's this girl(LOL). That's not my BOB. Anyways. Guys study for your test tomorrow. Do more problems. Go over all the problems that we did in class or homework. Make sure we all get it. Vector is one of the easiest unit but we still got to do our best to pass the test. Well, the part I didn't get in Vector unit is how to find the BEARING. But as I re-do all the problems we did then I'll be able to get it hopefully. The one thing I understood and liked about the unit is measuring. Using a scale and sketching on the paper and writing down the right degree. So, I think that's all for now. Good Luck on the Test tomorrow. Eat an energy bar(VECTOR) before you take the test to do well for the test. Alright laters mathers.

Yours dearly,
Wilfred N.

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