Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scribe Post for April 8th

Wow this Scribe post is really late. on April 8th we learned how to use the binomcdf function on the calculator while using the binomial distribution and normal approximation.

There is a link between the normal approximation and the binomial distribution and that is if np is greater than or equal to 5 and nq is greater then or equal to 5. We also learned that if the binomial distribution can be approximated by a normal curve then we can calculate the mean and the standard deviation:

mean=np standard deviation=square root of npq.

when we use the binomcdf function we check what the question tells us like if there are a certain amounts of items and the question wants us to find out how much more than another number then we use it but if the question asks us to find the exact amount then we use the binompdf. binomcdf adds up the data because the c stands for cumulative.

thats all I remember in class that day but next time I will make sure that I am ready.

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