Friday, April 25, 2008

Hey guys the scribe post for today was me and well I will be happy to say that our "Vector Unit" is finished! Which will lead us to our "Personal Finance Unit" I'm assuming. The pre-test is tommorow I hope all of us will do well for the both the pre-test and the real test. I'm still not that confident with the vector unit but, I'm pretty confident of this question which I answered in the homework given just a day ago.

First Step: You are given an angle of 150 degrees and a magnitude of 550mph. Draw a Cartesian plane and then use a protractor to measure the angle of 150 degrees and draw a line for the first line.

Second Step: With the 2nd angle and magnitude given draw the line which is a bearing of 80 degrees and a magnitude of 175mph.

Third Step: Draw the Resultant vector by drawing a line from the tail of the arrow to the tip.

Fourth Step: Find the angles and sides you have and see what formula to use which in this case is the Cosine Law because you have a Side, Angle and Side.

Fifth Step: Square root the answer you got to get the answer by itself and not squared.


You step most the Fourth and Fifth step and just use the program "TRISOLV2"

Well this ends my Scribe post for today and the next scribe will be... CowMilk

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