Sunday, April 13, 2008

February 12,2008

Hey guys! I'm very sorry about the late scribe. Just a little bit of misunderstanding happened but it's all good now. Well, here we go. SCRIBE FOR THURSDAY:
First, we did a quiz in the morning to test what we understand about normal and binomial distribution so far and here's the quiz that we did:

So, that was the quiz that we did in the morning and in the afternoon we did a problem about SOLVING THE BINOMIAL PROBLEM AS NORMAL DISTRIBUTION.

When to use:
normalpdf & binomialpdf = when a discrete data can't have a half a number.
normalcdf & binomialpdf = when a continuous data can have half a number

That's all I can do for the scribe for Thursday. Hope this helped some of y'all.
Next scribe will be chosen by DAVID.

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