Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear BOB,

Considering there's a test very soon... I'm guessing we need to be bob'ing. So here's mine.
Something that I thought was "cool" that I learned in class quite a while ago in this unit was that whole deal about a metre ruler or something. You know.. when Mr. K. asked another teacher to try to explain to us how a 1m ruler is made and such. It was very interesting and complicated.. but nonetheless "cooool" ya digg? So in the end, after that whole complicating, -and cool, explanation of golden rulers and everything, we learned that things are based on a STANDARD. Just like how rulers and measurements are (or should be) the same 'around the world'..

Thank you Mr. K. for taking that extra step to teach us in depth of rulers. xD

Oh and yeah.. I think this was how we were introduced to standard deviations.
I can't remember though.

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