Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sorry for the lateness of this post, this is the scribe for April 14, 2008.

So we talked about using a confidence interval of 95% and a margin error to answer certain questions. Like how certain we can be that the results would be approximately the same if another survey is done, and based on the results you can see what the smallest and largest numbers are. 

to find a 95% interval you have to find N, the mean, and the standard deviation. you first find the margin of error which is when you multiply the magic number 1.96 by whatever the standard deviation is. If you want the percent margin of error you divide the margin of error by N. from that you subtract and add your margin of error to the mean. This finds the smallest and largest numbers you can have, thus the 95% confidence interval. 

If you need any help then the slides from the 14th can help as well.
and michelle is the next scribe, but she has already completed hers.

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