Sunday, April 27, 2008


Alright, test moonday on vectors; probably the shortest unit in this class. I really don't find anything too difficult in this unit, except when trying to draw the diagram; I tend to overthink the question an second guess my diagram. That would be my down fall to this test; don't overthink the question.

Formulas you should remember (all found in April 22 slides):

- Sine Law

- Cosine Law

- Pythagoras Theory

- Properties of Angles

Another thing you should remember to use is, the TRISOLV2 program which can help you find angles and sides (TRISOLV2, April 23 slides). You can use the TRISOLV2 program to try to solve the question; you can also use it to help check your work. All in all goodluck to everyone on the test tomorrow.

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