Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So I thought I was prepared to write our statistics test this Thursday but after doing the pre-test today, turns out I'm not as ready as I thought because I was blanking out on most of the questions which isn't a good sign. However,what helped me the most in this unit was keeping up with what we did in class by going through all the slides and writing down my own notes to get a better understanding. I don't know but I really liked this unit, I thought it was pretty fun lol yeaa I found this unit a lot easier than the probability unit and I know some or all of you won't agree with me buhh putting the time and effort really helped me a lot. I liked how we learned all the new functions in our calculators and knowing when to to use it and what values we need to plug into them. Being the scribe also helped me learn the difference between using standardized and modified distributions and when to use invNorm. Anyways what I found difficult in this unit was finding the Y-scale when we needed to graph things and when we have to explain things. Like why is binomalcdf and normalcdf's values are relatively close. I know why, it's just that I'm having a hard time to find the right words to explain it. But other than that, I understand everything else, I just have to review all my notes and hopefully I'll do fine on the test.

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