Thursday, April 24, 2008


Kay so...since we're going to have a test real soon, I'll post up my blog now. Um.. this unit went by pretty fast compared to the other units and I'm not sure if I'm even ready for the test. I found drawing vectors in scale diagrams the easiest. However, what I found difficult was seeing the letters in the angles.. the alternate sides and corresponding sides.. the Z's and the F's. But after going over the homework from previous nights I think I got the hang of which angles belong where. The only thing I'm concerned about now, is whether or not I'm doing the work right... Mr. K, can you post up the answers to our homework so that I can compare my answers to the actual answers to the questions? It'll help me a lot when I study over the weekend =). Anyways, the other thing I don't understand is how to use the function TRISOLV2 on my calculator because the day we were learning how to use it, my batteries died out. But I don't mind it much because I like dealing with the formulas Sine Law and Cosine Law. Other than that, I hope I do well on both the pre-test and the test 'cause I really want to bump up my mark.

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